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GARDENA Profi System Shower / Sprayer

R 535.00

💦 GARDENA Profi System Shower/Sprayer: Power and Precision in Your Hands! 💪

Transform your gardening experience with the GARDENA Profi System Shower/Sprayer. Designed to handle high water pressure applications, this versatile system delivers greater water power and an increased water flow. Let's dive into the features and benefits of this exceptional product:

Key Features and Benefits:

🌊 Enhanced Water Power: The Profi System is engineered to provide a robust water flow, allowing you to tackle tasks that require large quantities of water with ease.

💦 3-in-1 Spray Patterns: Choose from three spray pattern options - Soft Spray, Hard Jet, or Mist Spray - to customise your watering experience and achieve optimal results for various tasks.

🌱 Versatile Application: Suited for large irrigating areas like wholesale nurseries, orchids, and plant-growing establishments, the Profi System is perfect for connecting to high-performance pumps.

✨ Precision and Control: The twist function allows you to effortlessly shut off the water flow, giving you complete control over your watering sessions and preventing wastage.

⚡️ Built to Last: Crafted with durable materials and designed to be frost-resistant, the Profi System is built to withstand the demands of outdoor use, ensuring its longevity and reliability.

Upgrade your gardening routine with the GARDENA Profi System Shower/Sprayer and experience the power, precision, and versatility it brings to your watering tasks. Whether you're nurturing a wholesale nursery or tending to delicate orchids, this system delivers the water flow you need for outstanding results.


3 in 1 spray pattern options available:
* Soft Spray
* Hard Jet
* Mist Spray
Spray head is 90mm - Length is 200mm.
Twist function to shut off water flow.
Frost resistant.