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GARDENA Mobile Cart

R 2,098.00

GARDENA Mobile Cart: Garden Companion Extraordinaire! 🌿🛠️

Meet the GARDENA Mobile Garden Cart, your all-in-one solution for efficient gardening and home tasks. With a multitude of uses, it transforms your daily chores into a seamless experience. Now, enjoy a spotless garden without straining your back, thanks to this incredible tool. Let's look at how this cart simplifies your tasks:

🎯 Versatile Functionality
From gathering garden debris and weeds to transporting fruit and beverage cases, this cart adapts to your needs. It's even equipped to separate trash, allowing you to dispose responsibly!

🌱 Gentle on Your Lawn
The large, sturdy wheels have a special tread that grips well, without damaging your lawn. You get seamless manoeuvrability, without the worry of damaging your green oasis.

⚖️ Heavy-Duty Load Capacity
With a solid metal frame, the cart can handle loads of up to 70kg. Use it as a handcart, and feel the joy of less effort and more convenience.

🛡️ Rustproof and Durable
Made of rustproof material, this cart promises longevity, offering you a reliable partner for your chores for years to come.

💼 Generous Storage Space
The cart offers room for two combisystem handles and two small tools. It keeps your equipment organised and handy, ensuring you're always ready for action!

🎩 Practical Double Function Lid
The lid not only guards against smells and moisture but also doubles up as a dustpan. It's all about maximising functionality!

Join the community of efficient gardeners and homeowners who enjoy the versatility and convenience that GARDENA Mobile Garden Cart provides. 🌳🌼

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* Load: up to 70kg