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GARDENA Battery Starter Set P4A - Includes Quick Charger and 1x2.5Ah Battery

R 1,699.00

Unleash The Power In Your Garden With GARDENA Battery Starter Set P4A! 🌿🔋

Revolutionise your gardening experience with the GARDENA Battery Starter Set P4A. This all-in-one bundle will make every minute in your garden count, thanks to the lightning-fast charging and long-lasting power supply. The included Quick Charger and 1x2.5Ah Battery are ready to breathe life into all your 18V POWER FOR ALL devices and tools! 🙌⚡

Enjoy the benefits of this high-performance Starter Set:

  • Lightning Fast Charging: Your precious gardening time won't be wasted on waiting. The Quick Charger AL 1830 CV will have your 2.5Ah battery fully juiced up in just 60 minutes!⏱️🔋
  • "Ready to go" LED: No more guessing games! The LED display on the charger always keeps you informed about the charging status. And the cherry on top? It reaches 80% charge in just 40 minutes. 🚦💪
  • Universal Compatibility: This Starter Set is your key to unlock all handheld garden tools. From mowers to trimmers, everything can be powered with this dynamic duo! 🔑🌿
  • POWER FOR ALL Alliance: Being part of one of the largest cross-brand battery alliances of leading manufacturers, this set ensures reliability and promises compatibility across the board. 🔗💼
  • Smart Saving: Invest in one Starter Set and power all your tools and devices! Yes, you heard it right! You'll save money and stay flexible all the time. 💰💡

The GARDENA Battery Starter Set P4A is more than just a product. It's a commitment to passion, a ticket to freedom in gardening, and a testament to limitless possibilities. Are you ready to create with passion, powered by GARDENA? 💖✨

🔥 Act now and let this Starter Set supercharge your garden and your passion. This is your moment to create. Seize it! 🔥


Technical Specifications
* Article No.: 14906-20