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FELCO 501 Swiss Knife

R 695.00

Discover the FELCO 501 Swiss Knife: Elegance, Expertise & Efficiency Rolled into One! 🌟🔪

Welcome to the exquisite world of Swiss craftsmanship. The FELCO 501 Swiss Knife isn't just another pocket knife—it's an embodiment of elegance paired with unparalleled functionality.

Here's why every individual—enthusiast or amateur—will fall head over heels for the FELCO 501:

🔸 Sophistication Meets Simplicity: Beyond its stunning aesthetics lies a design that promises easy and efficient use, perfect for all hand sizes.

🔸 Universal Appeal: With an innovative blade-opening slot, this knife pledges effortless use for both right and left-handers, ensuring no one feels left out.

🔸 Comfort Beyond Compare: The ergonomic curved design not only minimises wrist strain but, combined with the “soft-touch” handle, offers unparalleled grip and sheer pleasure with every use.

🔸 Safety First, Always: Thanks to the impeccable blade lock system, work confidently knowing your safety is prioritised. A swift press on the cross unlocks the blade, ensuring seamless transitions between tasks.

🔸 Diverse Functionality: From the ultra-sharp stainless steel blade, precision tweezers to the sommelier-grade corkscrew, every feature ensures you're ever-ready, be it a cutting task or celebrating with a bottle of wine.

🔸 Ease of Maintenance: And when the day ends? Simply pop it into the dishwasher and raise a toast to its enduring beauty and performance.

From pocket to palm, experience Swiss precision with every slice and twist. 🚀 Make the FELCO 501 Swiss Knife your everyday companion.


  • Weight: 60g
  • Length: 95.00mm