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White Mega Mushroom - Oyster Box (2kg)

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Unleash the Gourmet Gardener Within – Your Own White Oyster Mushroom Mega Box Awaits!

Introducing our White Oyster Mushroom - Mega Box! (2kg) A culinary adventure that's not just an addition to your kitchen but a delightful and interactive experience. Get ready to embrace your inner gardener, mushroom lover, and gourmet chef – all in one. Here's what makes our Mushroom Mega Box an irresistible choice:

Grow Your Own Mushrooms 🍄

  • Ease of Use: Simply open, spray daily, and watch the magic unfold. Harvesting your mushrooms in just 10+/- days has never been this easy!
  • Organic & Gourmet Delight: Elevate your dishes with the freshest gourmet mushrooms. Feel the excitement of adding your home-grown organic produce to your meals!
  • Eco-Conscious Choice: Do your bit for Mother Earth. This mushroom-growing experience aligns perfectly with an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Perfect Gift for the Holidays 🎁

  • Appeal to the Foodies: Your food-loving friends will thank you endlessly for this creative and engaging gift!
  • For the Garden Lovers: A new, fun, and unique addition to their green space, right inside the home.

Unleash Multiple Flushes 🌱

  • 2 - 5 Flushes over 21 - 40 days: Get yields varying from 500g to 1000g. The bounty of earthy goodness just keeps on coming!
  • Simple Setup: Cut the box, ensure constant moisture with repeated daily mist sprays, and place in a cool well-lit area out of direct sunlight.
  • Pro Tip 💡: In dry environments, use a clear plastic bag to ensure higher humidity (50 - 70%). The ideal temps are between 17 - 28 Deg C.

Mushroom Box Disclaimer

While we provide this fantastic growing opportunity, it's up to you to ensure the correct environmental factors are met in terms of temperature and moisture. We believe in you and your green thumb!

Ready to Embrace Your Inner Chef? 🍳

Why wait? Click the link below and gift yourself or a loved one the experience of growing gourmet mushrooms right at home! Embrace a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle today! Order Your White Oyster Mushroom Mega Box Now!