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Urbalive Worm Farm + Free Worm Starter Kit & Coir

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Transform Your Waste into Gold with the Urbalive Worm Farm

Are you ready to turn your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost effortlessly? Introducing the Urbalive Worm Farm, your eco-friendly solution for sustainable living! 🌱

Composting Made Simple and Stylish

With the Urbalive Worm Farm, you can efficiently compost organic waste without any hassle. Designed for homes, schools, and workplaces, this sleek and modern worm farm is perfect for indoor use.

Key Benefits

  • Effortless Composting: No prior knowledge needed! The user-friendly design and easy-to-follow instructions ensure you can start composting right away.
  • Year-Round Convenience: Compost all year round by maintaining optimal conditions—no more worries about seasonal changes!
  • Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer: Collect liquid worm tea, a powerful fertilizer that promotes plant growth and shields them from pests. Your plants will thrive like never before.
  • Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Reduce waste, recycle kitchen scraps, and contribute to a healthier planet. Feel the pride of making a positive environmental impact.

Features You’ll Love

  • 🏠 Great for Indoor Use: Compact and stylish, fits perfectly in any home, school, or workplace.
  • Modern Design: A sleek addition to your space, proving that sustainability can be chic.
  • 🥗 2 Trays for Composting: Efficiently process kitchen scraps like tea bags, coffee grounds, fruit peels, and more.
  • 🔒 Secure Locking Lid: Keeps worms safely inside, ensuring a clean and odor-free environment.
  • 💧 Easy Operation Drain Valve: Effortlessly collect liquid worm tea to nourish your plants.


  • Weight: 6.65kg
  • Height: 60.5cm
  • Width: 50.5cm
  • Depth: 38cm
  • Brand: Urbalive

Experience the joy of composting with the Urbalive Worm Farm. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle and watch your plants flourish with the help of nutrient-rich worm tea. It’s time to make a difference, starting in your own home. 🌍💚