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Urbalive Berberis 60cm

R 515.00

Urbalive Berberis Planter: Your Secret Weapon for a Thriving Urban Oasis 🏡🪴

Ever dreamt of a lush, vibrant garden despite your hectic city life? Now you can, with the Urbalive Berberis Self-Watering Planter – your personal gardening assistant, designed to make plant care effortless and joyful.

Wave goodbye to wilting leaves and the guilt of forgotten watering. This ingenious planter takes the guesswork out of hydration, ensuring your beloved plants get just the right amount of water, every time. 💧

Imagine stepping out onto your balcony, windowsill, or rooftop terrace and being greeted by a flourishing green haven. Picture yourself plucking fresh herbs for dinner, savouring the sweet scent of blooming flowers, and feeling the stress melt away as you immerse yourself in nature's embrace. That's the magic of the Berberis.

Clever Features, Beautiful Benefits:

  • Self-Watering System: A built-in reservoir and unique wick system put your plants in charge of their own hydration, so you can relax and enjoy the fruits (and flowers!) of your labour.
  • UV-Resistant Coating: Whether indoors or outdoors, your Berberis stays vibrant and protected, ready to withstand the elements. ☀️🌧️
  • Water Level Indicator: A handy gauge lets you know exactly when it's time for a refill, taking the guesswork out of watering.
  • Urban Oasis in a Box: Compact and stylish, the Berberis fits perfectly on windowsills, balconies, and small patios, transforming any space into a lush retreat.

Reap the Rewards:

  • Flourishing Plants: Say hello to healthier, happier plants that thrive even when you're busy.
  • Effortless Gardening: No more stressing over watering schedules or drowning your plants in love (and water!).
  • Time for You: Reclaim your precious time and enjoy the simple pleasures of gardening without the hassle.
  • Create Your Own Escape: Transform your urban dwelling into a calming oasis filled with life and beauty. 🍃

The Urbalive Berberis isn't just a planter; it's a lifestyle upgrade. It's the key to unlocking a greener, more relaxed, and more fulfilling urban life.

Ready to cultivate your own urban oasis? Add the Berberis Self-Watering Planter to your basket and start your journey to a more vibrant home today!

* Substrate quantity: 11-litre
* Water capacity: 4-litre
* Height: 19.7cm
* Width: 39.5cm
* Depth: 19.5cm
* Weight: 1.27kg