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Tomato Heinz 1370 Seeds

R 31.00

Heinz 1370 Tomato Seeds – Grow Your Own Ketchup in Your Back Garden! πŸ…πŸ’₯

Have you ever wanted to taste the authentic flavour that powers Heinz Ketchup? The Heinz 1370 Tomato Seeds let you do exactly that! Immerse yourself in a rich, home-grown tomato experience that will tingle your taste buds and put a spring in your step!

What's so special about the Heinz 1370 Tomato Seeds?

  • The Real Deal πŸ˜‹: These seeds grow into the same juicy, tasty tomatoes used in Heinz Ketchup. Yes, you read that right! Savour the real taste of Heinz, right from your backyard!

  • Vigorous and High-Yielding 🌱: These seeds sprout into robust plants that churn out firm, delectable tomatoes. Your kitchen will never be without the freshest ingredients!

  • GMO-Free πŸ”: With Starke Ayres' commitment to GMO-free produce, these seeds are as natural as they come. They're regulated by the stringent Genetically Modified Organisms Act of 1997. Your health is our priority!

How to Grow Your Own Heinz 1370 Tomatoes

  • Germination 🌱: Sow your seeds 0.5 to 1cm deep and expect sprouting in 7 to 14 days.

  • Ideal Conditions β˜€οΈ: Your tomatoes will love full sun during spring and summer. Give them plenty of light and watch them thrive!

  • Maturity πŸ…: In 80 to 90 days, your tomatoes will be ripe and ready to eat. Be patient – the flavour will be worth the wait!

Picture this – you step out into your garden, the sun warming your skin. There's a slight rustle of leaves as you reach out and pluck a plump, ripe tomato off the vine. You take a bite, and the familiar tangy taste of Heinz Ketchup fills your mouth. Pure bliss! πŸŒžπŸ…

Stalk your Heinz 1370 Tomato Seeds today for a harvest of authentic, sauce-worthy tomatoes. Bring the Heinz experience to your garden!