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The Flexitarian Cookbook

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The Flexitarian Cookbook

Adaptable Recipes for Part-Time Vegetarians and Vegans

Today many of us are looking to eat less dairy, meat and fish, as the host of environmental, ethical and health-related reasons for doing so stack up.

The concept of not centring every meal around an animal-based protein is well on its way to settling into mainstream society but out there, is a whole middle-ground of home-cooks, somewhere between carnivore and vegan, who are doing their best to reduce meat and fish consumption, but enjoying it on occasion when the urge strikes. For these so-called flexitarians, choices are less about adopting a rigid regime, and more about an organic attempt to eat a mainly plant-based diet.

This timely cookbook is a collection of modern recipes and comfort food classics, all of which feature simple adaptations that can make them suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and meat-eaters. No longer will you have to juggle between multiple cookbooks or haphazardly hash together a meaty ending to a recipe depending on your appetite or cravings!

Contents: Introduction; Breakfast & Brunch; Snacks & Lighter Plates; Salads & Sides; Soups & Stews; Pasta, Noodles & Rice; Oven Bakes & Sheet Pans; Index