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Sunflower Seed Milk and Pâté Making Kit

R 199.00

Sunflower Seed Milk and Pâté Making Kit, you can make +-700ml of Sunflower Seed milk and +- 3/4 cup of pâté. As per the insert, a blender is required.

Just blend the sunflower seed with the water (preferably cold water) in a power blender such as the Vitamix or MiHealthmaker and then strain the milk through the straining bag until most of the liquid is out. Do not over squeeze.

If you want sweetened milk, pour the milk back into the blender jug and combine with a sweetener of your choice such as dates, coconut sugar, sugar,  honey, maple syrup or stevia.

Sunflower seed milk can be used in a smoothie, tea, coffee, cereal or flavoured with a sweetener or cacao to make chocolate milk. This is an inexpensive and ideal milk for individuals who are lactose intolerant or vegan.

Nut milks are easy to make and a healthier option for your whole family.

A most delicious pâté can be made with the remaining pulp from your sunflower seed milk. Follow the instruction on the insert of the Sunflower Seed Milk and Pâté Making Kit.

Benefits of this Sunflower Seed Milk and Pâté Making Kit

  • Manufactured from high-quality material ideal for straining purposes.
  • Easy to clean – Turn the bag inside out and rinse under hot water then hang out to dry.
  • Quick to dry. The oval shape is nice because there are no corners for the mash to get stuck in.
  • Made in RSA. Re-usable (Eco-friendly).

Your health and the environment are better off with a seed milk and vegan pâté.