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Square Saucer (Driptray)

R 255.00

There are several ways to plant a Japi planter. We prefer to avoid driptrays where possible since they affect the appearance of the sleek shape of the styles. 

1. In undercover areas you may use the planter with no holes and use cheaper plastic pots inside with upside down plastic pots to lift the plant to the correct height. The Japi planter acts as the driptray, saving money on the driptray and avoiding staining of your tiles from water that overflows or collects under the driptray.

2. In outdoor areas it may be necessary to drill holes for drainage. (Please request this in a message at checkout if you would like us to send them pre-drilled). If the planter is standing on an area where the water can drain out without causing a problem, then avoid a driptray. 

3. Outdoors on tiles. In this case you will probably need to opt for a driptray.