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Small Insulated Mat - 350mm x 250mm ROOT!T

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Maximise Heat Efficiency with the ROOT!T Small Insulated Mat

Boost the effectiveness of your propagation with the ROOT!T Small Insulated Mat. Designed to work seamlessly with your heated propagation mat, this insulated mat ensures that all the heat generated is directed upwards into your propagator, enhancing growth and maximising efficiency. Give your seedlings and cuttings the best possible start by creating an optimally warm environment.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Superior Heat Retention 🔥

    • Insulated design directs heat upward.
    • Prevents heat loss into work surfaces.
    • Enhances the efficiency of your heated propagation mat.
  • Perfect Compatibility 🛠️

    • Ideal for use with the ROOT!T Heat Mat 11W Small.
    • Dimensions: 350 mm x 250 mm.
    • Fits perfectly under your heated propagation mat.
  • Durable and Reliable 🔄

    • Made from high-quality, durable materials.
    • Ensures long-lasting performance.
    • Easy to use and maintain.

How It Benefits You

Imagine the satisfaction of seeing your plants thrive in a perfectly warm environment. The ROOT!T Small Insulated Mat ensures all the heat generated by your propagation mat is utilised effectively, creating the ideal conditions for rapid root development and uniform growth. Feel confident and successful as your seedlings and cuttings flourish, knowing you've optimised their growing environment.

🌿 Optimise Your Propagation Process! 🌿

Enhance your indoor gardening setup with the ROOT!T Small Insulated Mat. Ensure maximum heat efficiency and give your plants the warmth they need to grow strong and healthy. Order now and transform your propagation experience!