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Sifra Seed Potatoes, Bulk Packs (5kg, 10Kg & 20Kg)

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Introducing the Exceptional Sifra Seed Potatoes in Bulk Packs: Elevate Your Harvests Today 🌱🥔

Unlock the true potential of your garden or small farm with our Sifra Seed Potatoes, now available in convenient bulk packs of 5Kg, 10Kg, and 20Kg. Ideal for homesteaders, avid gardeners, and small-scale farmers, these high-yield, multi-purpose Seed Potatoes will bring your harvests to the next level.

✨ Key Features & Outstanding Benefits ✨

  • Versatile Cooking Partner: Waxy, floury, and boasting high moisture and low starch content, Sifra potatoes are excellent for boiling, roasting, salads, and even creating delicious crispy chips.

  • Exceptional Flavour: 🎉 Let the distinct creamy taste transform ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary masterpieces.

  • Highly Productive & Adaptable: From North to South, Sifra's adaptability ensures abundant marketable yields.

  • Tantalising Texture: Smooth, bright white skin and uniform size present a visually appealing addition to your dishes.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Thriving with a low nitrogen requirement, Sifra is not just delicious but also eco-conscious.

The Perfect Potato for Your Garden, Homestead, or Farm 🥇

  • 🌱 Plant and Tubers:
    • Maturity: Late
    • Tuber shape: Round oval
    • Flesh Colour: Cream
    • Tuber size: Large
    • Skin colour: Light Yellow
  • 🌿 Foliage:
    • High and robust: Ideal for ground coverage with tall, erect stems.
    • Low Nitrogen Requirement: Minimal fertilisation needed.
  • 🛡️ Disease Resistance:
    • Resistant to Golden Nematodes
    • Immune to Wart disease
    • Slightly susceptible to Late Blight and common scab
  • ✅ Additional Features:
    • Visually attractive bright skin
    • Broad adaptation to various climates
    • Early tuberisation for quicker harvests

Origin & Breeding

Hailing from the Netherlands, Sifra embodies years of innovation and extensive trials, ensuring quality, taste, and adaptability. Plant the very best in your garden or farm and experience the joy of homegrown flavour.

Ready to Take Your Harvests to the Next Level? 🎉

Our Sifra Seed Potatoes in bulk packs of 5Kg, 10Kg, and 20Kg are tailored for those who are serious about gardening and farming. Embrace the opportunity to cultivate these exceptional potatoes, perfect for a myriad of culinary adventures.

Order your bulk packs today, and join the many satisfied homesteaders, gardeners, and farmers who have discovered the culinary delight that awaits with Sifra. Taste, quality, and sustainability – Sifra has it all!