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Red Mizuna Microgreens Seeds

R 37.00

🌱 Jazz Up Your Meals with Red Mizuna Microgreens Seeds 🌱

Unleash your inner chef with Red Mizuna Microgreens Seeds. These tiny powerhouses are a feast for your taste buds and a carnival of health benefits. Sprinkle them as edible confetti on your dishes, infusing your meals with a riot of flavours, textures, and colours. 🥗🍕🥪

Here's why Red Mizuna Microgreens Seeds are your ticket to fun and healthy eating:

  • Fast Germination ⚡: Our microgreens burst to life in just 1 to 2 days. Within 10 to 16 days, they're ready to harvest, promising you a quick and satisfying gardening experience.

  • Year-round Growing ☀️: These seeds are an all-year-round variety that thrives in full sun, making it an ever-ready garnish at your disposal.

  • Flavour Explosion 💥: Red Mizuna microgreens have a light mustard peppery flavour, delivering a fresh, crisp taste that adds a zesty zing to any dish.

  • Versatile Culinary Star 🍴: Salads, roasted veggies, sandwiches, pizzas, stir-fries, soups, salsas, scrambled eggs, or avo toast—these microgreens add a delightful crunch and aesthetic appeal to all your culinary creations!

  • Power-packed Nutrition 🏋️: Our microgreens are rich in antioxidants, offering a nutritional powerhouse that benefits your health as much as your palate.

  • Safe and Natural 🚫: Our commitment to the Starke Ayres GMO Declaration means these seeds are free from any form of genetic modification, assuring you of a safe and wholesome dining experience.

Turn your meals into vibrant canvases adorned with delicious and nutritious sprinkles of Red Mizuna Microgreens. Every bite will be a tantalising dance of flavours, colours, and textures—making your meals look as amazing as they taste. Buy your Red Mizuna Microgreens Seeds today and start the culinary adventure you've always dreamed of!

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A light mustard peppery flavour in a fresh crisp taste.
* Germination: 1 to 2 days
* Maturity: 10 to 16 days
* Ideal conditions: All year variety, full sun

Starke Ayres GMO Declaration
* Starke Ayres does not research, produce or procure any form of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) products.
* In South Africa, all our seed is regulated by the Genetically Modified Organisms Act of 1997 (GMO Act) and its subsidiary legislation. The GMO Act places extensive restrictions on the research, production, and marketing of GMOs.
* Maize, soybean, and cotton represent the only crops where genetically modified (GM) forms have been approved for commercial production in South Africa. Where there is potential for cross-contamination, for example with our sweetcorn seed (which could be impacted by nearby GM maize), we do certify our seed as non-GMO in both our internal and external accredited laboratories