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RAM 150mm (6") Clip On (Non-Oscilating) Seedling / Tent Fan

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Boost Your Indoor Gardening with the RAM 150mm (6") Clip On Fan

Enhance your growing environment with the RAM 150mm (6") Clip On Fan - Non-Oscillating. This high-quality fan is designed to provide efficient air circulation, ensuring your plants receive the gentle breeze they need to thrive. Perfect for propagation domes, seedlings, and grow tents, this fan is an essential tool for any serious gardener.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High-Quality Output 🌬️

    • Delivers strong, consistent airflow.
    • Quiet motor operation ensures minimal disturbance.

  • Versatile and Convenient 🔄

    • Comes with both bench/table and pole clips.
    • Easily clips to a bench or hangs from a tent pole.
    • Ideal for use in propagation domes, seedlings, and grow tents.

  • Customisable Airflow 🌟

    • Two-speed settings to suit different needs.
    • Adjustable head for targeted airflow.
    • Simple assembly with a 1.4-meter power cord.

How It Benefits You

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your plants are receiving the perfect amount of air circulation. The RAM 150mm Clip On Fan provides a steady breeze, helping to strengthen stems and improve overall plant health. You'll feel confident and satisfied as your plants grow stronger and more vigorous, supported by optimal airflow.

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Improve your indoor gardening setup with the RAM 150mm Clip On Fan. Ensure your plants receive the best possible environment to grow strong and healthy. Order now and experience the difference in your grow room!