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Pepper Sweet Pepperone Corno di Torro Rosso Seeds

R 44.00

🌶️ Corno di Toro: The Majestic Italian Marvel! 🌶️

Delve deep into the heart of Italy without leaving your garden. Meet Corno di Toro, the pepper that embodies both flair and flavour of Italian culinary genius!

Why the Corno di Toro is a Gardener's Dream:

  • Elegance & Edge: A pepper that has the grace of a matador's red cloak, with just a hint of danger.
  • Vibrant & Versatile: This beauty matures to a dazzling red, radiating a sweet, crisp sensation that dances on the palate.
  • Texture Triumph: Savour its thick flesh enveloped in a thin, delicate skin. It’s culinary versatility? Unbeatable! Whether you fancy it raw, fried, stuffed, or even grilled on the braai.
  • Legacy of Excellence: An Italian heirloom that brings centuries of tradition right to your plate. 🇮🇹

Your Gardening Guide:

  • 🌱 Embrace the Italian spirit in spring or summer, ensuring temperatures are 20°C and above.
  • ☀️ Choose sun-kissed spots, planting 2-3 per container or spaciously at 40 x 40cm directly in the ground.
  • 🌱 Experience the joy of growth in 10-20 days, with plants majestically rising to 60-90cm.
  • 🌶️ The moment of truth! Harvest your luscious peppers in 110-120 days.

🍴 Ready to elevate your garden and culinary ventures? Adopt the Corno di Toro legacy.

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