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Nutristix Fertiliser

R 39.00

Nutristix Fertiliser – Your Secret Ingredient to Lush, Thriving Plants! 🌿💪

Revive your potted plants with Nutristix Fertiliser – an innovative plant-food-stick packed with vital nutrients. If your green friends are looking a bit lacklustre, Nutristix is here to help. Watch your plants thrive as they absorb a potent cocktail of nutrients and flaunt their newfound vitality!

What makes Nutristix Fertiliser your plant's best friend?

  • Effortless Application 🎯: Simply insert the stick into the soil between the plant and the edge of the pot. The stick dissolves gradually, releasing an abundance of nourishing elements into the soil.

  • Packed with Nutrients 💼: Each stick is a mini powerhouse of key plant nutrients, formulated to fuel optimal plant growth. A well-fed plant is a happy plant!

  • Balanced Fertiliser Formula ⚖️: Nutristix offers an ideal NPK ratio of 12:3:7 (21), ensuring your plants get the right balance of Nitrogen (120 g/kg), Phosphorous (26 g/kg), and Potassium (72 g/kg).

Keep in mind, though:

  • Safety First 🔒: Make sure to store these plant-food-sticks out of reach from children and animals for everyone's safety.

Can you imagine how your plants will flourish with Nutristix Fertiliser? Here's the scene:

  • The plant-food-stick is placed in the soil, and it starts to dissolve…
  • Your plant absorbs the nutrients it craves, instantly perking up…
  • Over time, your plant grows stronger, greener, and more vibrant than ever! 🌱💚

With Nutristix Fertiliser, you're not just feeding your plants; you're fuelling their growth, and creating a greener, healthier living space for yourself. So why wait? Empower your plants with Nutristix today!