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Nutrisol Fertiliser

R 110.00

🌿 Nutrisol Fertiliser: Unleash Your Plants' Potential! 🌱

Enrich the lives of your indoor and outdoor plants with our Nutrisol Fertiliser! A liquid goldmine of essential macro nutrients, Nutrisol paves the way for healthy and vibrant plant growth that will surely make your heart soar!

Discover a Garden of Benefits:

  • Easy-to-Apply 💦: Nutrisol can be simply applied as a foliar spray or directly to the roots as a soil drench.

  • Water-Soluble and Readily Absorbed 🌧️: The fertiliser dissolves easily in water and is immediately absorbed, nourishing your plants from the inside out.

  • Versatile Compatibility 💼: Can be applied simultaneously with most insecticidal sprays (except Lime Sulphur and Bordeaux Mixture) for a time-efficient care routine.

  • A Nutrient Powerhouse 🍽️: Our blend packs in Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium, the macro nutrients essential for your plants' health and vitality!

Imagine the joy of seeing your plants flourish with Nutrisol, their leaves a lush, vibrant green, and their stems standing strong and tall. The feeling of achievement knowing that you've provided your plants with the finest nourishment, and the pride in watching them bloom and grow under your care.

Allow your plants to bask in the nurturing embrace of Nutrisol Fertiliser and watch as your garden transforms into a verdant paradise!

It's time to treat your plants to the absolute best with Nutrisol Fertiliser. Give your green friends the love they deserve, and they will reward you with an explosion of healthy growth and vibrant beauty!

Method of Application
Foliar Spray:
* Dilute 10ml of NUTRISOL in 5 litres of water.
* Spray over foliage well.
* Repeat every two weeks.
Soil Drench:
* Dilute 20ml of NUTRISOL in 5 litre of water.
* Repeat every two weeks.

Nitrogen - 11%
Phosphorous - 7.3%
Potassium - 3.7%