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NETA Telescopic Lopper 40mm

R 549.99

NETA Telescopic Lopper 40mm: Prune With Precision, Reach With Ease 🌳

Introducing the NETA Telescopic Lopper 40mm – the perfect blend of power, precision, and reach, redefining your pruning experience.

  • 💪 Non-stick Carbon Steel Blade: Experience effortless cutting of fresh wood up to 40mm in diameter. Our non-stick, carbon-steel precision-ground blade makes each cut clean and precise, bringing you closer to your dream garden.

  • 🚀 Telescopic Handle: Now, the tallest branches are within your grasp! The extendable handles give you the reach to prune higher branches from the safety and comfort of the ground. Feel the satisfaction as no branch is beyond your touch.

  • 🌟 Lightweight, Soft-Grip Aluminium Handles: Handle your pruning tasks with unmatched comfort. The lightweight aluminium handles with soft grips reduce strain, so you can tend to your trees for longer. Feel the delight in every effortless cut.

  • 🌳 40mm Cutting Capacity: Unleash your cutting prowess with the confidence of a 40mm cutting capacity. The joy of perfect pruning is at your fingertips.

  • 🛡️ 10-Year Neta No-Break Guarantee: Enjoy the peace of mind with our 10-year No-Break Guarantee. Trust in a tool that’s built to last, as steadfast as your love for your garden.

Get to know the legacy of NETA, who have been innovating high-quality, uniquely-designed garden watering products and cutting tools since 1947, tailored for the practical modern gardener like you.

Upgrade your garden maintenance experience today with the NETA Telescopic Lopper. The power, precision, and reach you need is just a click away!

Husqvarna provides a manufacturer’s replacement warranty against faulty workmanship in manufacture and/or defective components to the initial purchaser for each new Neta branded products. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, neglect, adjustments and/or modifications by the consumer or normal wear and tear, the costs of shipping and handling, travel expenses, lost time, or pickup and delivery.