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NETA Emerald Garden Hose 12mm (½") 20 metre

R 479.99

NETA Emerald Garden Hose: Discover Your Ultimate Gardening Partner! 🌱

Welcome to a world of optimal watering with the NETA Emerald Garden Hose! Crafted for resilience, this high-quality garden hose is an answer to your gardening needs. Unleash your gardening prowess with a hose that feels like an extension of your will.

  • 📏 Perfect Size and Length: The garden hose is 12mm in diameter and 20m long, making it versatile for all your gardening needs. The freedom it grants is sure to fill you with a sense of empowerment!

  • 💪 Solid Durability: The double-layer braided construction resists kinking (rated at 6/10), ensuring a smooth watering experience. Revel in the reliability this hose offers, as it withstands a burst pressure of 2000 kPa.

  • ☀️ UV-Stabilised for Extended Lifespan: Our UV-stabilised materials offer resistance against harmful sun rays. Revel in the assurance of longevity that this product brings to your garden!

  • 🍃 Environment-Friendly: This hose is free from hazardous substances and heavy metals. Enjoy the satisfaction of using a product that is safe for you and the environment!

  • 🛡️ Solid Guarantee: Enjoy peace of mind with our 10-year guarantee! Feel confident in your investment knowing you have a trustworthy product.

  • 🇦🇺 Proudly Australian Made: Continuing NETA's legacy of high-quality garden watering products since 1947, this hose is crafted with a keen eye for detail.

Elevate your garden's potential today with the NETA Emerald Garden Hose!

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