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NETA Aluminium Bypass Pruner 15mm

R 348.99

NETA Aluminium Bypass Pruner 15mm: Master Precision and Power in Your Garden! 🌿

Discover the NETA Aluminium Bypass Pruner 15mm, a gardener's dream tool, seamlessly blending power, precision and comfort! Designed to cut fresh wood up to 15mm in diameter, this pruner offers you unmatched performance and ease.

  • ✂️ Clean, Precise Cuts: The NETA Bypass Pruner boasts scissor-like action, curved upper carbon-steel blade, and curved lower stainless-steel blade, ensuring clean and precise cuts every time. Feel the joy of mastery over every twig!

  • 🍃 Non-Stick Coating: With our non-stick coating, bid farewell to sap and residue reducing your pruner's power and performance. Feel the delight of a smooth cut, each time, every time!

  • 🖐️ Ergonomic Comfort: Our pruner features ergonomically shaped lightweight aluminium handles with a soft grip material, reducing fatigue during prolonged cutting tasks. Experience comfort like never before!

  • 👌 Adjustable Hand Grip: Our bypass pruner easily adjusts to fit different hand grips. Feel the convenience of a perfect fit!

  • 🔒 In-Built Safety Lock: The safety lock keeps the blades closed during storage, adding an extra layer of safety. Feel secure in knowing your tool is safely stored!

  • 🛡️ 10-Year Neta No-Break Guarantee: Our commitment to you comes with a manufacturer’s replacement warranty against faulty workmanship and defective components. Rest easy with our solid 10-year No-Break Guarantee!

From a tradition of quality since 1947, the NETA Aluminium Bypass Pruner 15mm is another addition to NETA's line-up of practical, high-quality, and uniquely designed garden watering products and cutting tools.

Transform your garden today with the NETA Aluminium Bypass Pruner. The power of precision is just a click away!