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Mini Mushroom Variety Box Set (12 Pack)

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Delight in Gourmet Gardening with the Mini Mushroom Variety Box Set (12 Pack) – Your Mega Selection of Culinary Magic!

Meet the Mini Mushroom Variety Box Set, an elegant and simple gateway into the diverse world of home gardening. Experience the joy of cultivating Brown, White, and Pearl Oyster mushrooms—all in one package! Our Home Grow Mushroom Kits are designed to turn your ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary gourmet garden. Here's everything you need to know about this delightful set:

Craft Your Own Organic & Gourmet Mushrooms 🍄

  • Three Flavours in One: Explore Brown, White, and Pearl Oyster mushrooms, each 400g, and create a variety of delightful dishes.
  • A Gardening Journey: Open the boxes, spray daily with a spray bottle, and within 10+/- days, you'll be harvesting your own mushrooms. A culinary adventure to savour!
  • Generous Yields: Enjoy 2 - 5 flushes over 21 - 40 days, with combined yields ranging from 1500g to 3000g. A true gourmet extravaganza!
  • Sustainable Lifestyle: Connect with nature, nourish your body, and embrace responsible living. Your organic garden awaits.

Simple & Effective Setup 🌱

  • No Expertise Needed: Just cut the box and ensure constant moisture with daily mist sprays.
  • Perfect Environment: Place in a cool well-lit area, away from direct sunlight.
  • Pro Tip 💡: For higher humidity levels of 50 - 70%, place the mushroom box in a clear plastic bag. Keep temps between 17 - 28 Deg C for optimal results.

Mushroom Box Disclaimer

Success is in your hands. Ensure the right temperature and moisture for a thriving garden.

Time to Sow Culinary Excellence 🍳

Elevate your culinary experiences with the authentic taste of home-grown mushrooms. Whether it's a thoughtful gift or a personal treat, the Mini Mushroom Variety Box Set is a versatile and vibrant addition to any kitchen. Order Now and Begin Your Trio of Culinary Adventures!