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Microgreen Grow Plates (Set of 2)

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Microgreen Grow Plates (Set of 2)

Unleash the potential of your microgreens with our premium Microgreen replacement Grow Plates Set.

Our Grow Plates, designed to make your indoor gardening experience effortless and rewarding.

Why You'll Love It

  • Eco-Friendly & Reusable: Made from multi use coir. Feel good about reducing waste while enjoying fresh, home-grown microgreens.
  • Perfect for Growers: Ideal for supplying restaurants or stores. Deliver fresh trays of microgreens while collecting used ones, streamlining your supply chain.
  • Water Efficient: Coco grow plates hold significant water, minimising the need for frequent watering during germination. Less hassle, more growth!
  • High-Quality Cocopeat: RHP certified cocopeat ensures a high-standard, soil-like medium without fertilisers or wetting agents. Your plants get the best start.

Key Features

  • Quick Soil Media (QSM): Cocopeat media plate expands to 30cm x 40cm x 5cm, providing an optimal growing environment.
  • Easy to Use: Simply hydrate the plate in the tray until fully expanded, and you're ready to sow your seeds.
  • Convenience: Easy setup and maintenance, perfect for busy lifestyles.
  • Health & Wellness: Grow your own superfoods and enjoy the benefits of fresh, organic produce.
  • Professional Quality: High-standard materials and design ensure robust growth and maximum yield.

How It Works

  1. Place the Coco Grow Plate: Fit the plate into the tray.
  2. Hydrate: Add water until the plate is fully expanded.
  3. Sow Your Seeds: Plant your microgreen seeds on the expanded plate.
  4. Maintain: Minimal watering needed during germination; increase frequency after germination with a spray bottle.

Take the Next Step Towards Freshness

Elevate your gardening game and enjoy the freshest microgreens right at home. Order your Microgreen Grow Tray Set today and start growing!