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Micro Greens Rainbow Blend RAW Seeds

R 44.00

🌱 Micro Greens Blend: Petite Powerhouses of Flavour! 🌱

Elevate your culinary creations with our vibrant Micro Greens Blend. These tiny greens promise a sensory explosion with every bite, proving that dynamite truly does come in small packages!

Here's Why You Need This Blend in Your Garden (and Kitchen):

  • Petite but Potent: Not just visually arresting, these greens pack an explosive flavour punch, defying their delicate size.
  • A Melange of Magnificence: Featuring a gourmet mix of beetroot, Asian cabbage, kohlrabi, Italian broccoli, and radish.
  • Unbelievably Easy: Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a newbie, these are a cinch to grow. And with a harvest every 5-10 days, it's the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Versatile Culinary Star: Sprinkle on salads, jazz up roasted veggies, or amplify the taste of meat dishes. There's no palate they can't delight!

Your Quick Guide to Growing Gourmet Greens:

  • 🌱 Spring and summer sowings flourish best, with temperatures maintained at 15°C and above.
  • ☀️ Opt for trays, and position them on bright windowsills or conveniently by your kitchen door.
  • 🌱 Expect the magic of germination within 7-14 days, and an enviable growth of 5-10cm.
  • 🍴 Ready to relish? Harvest baby leaves at 30 days, and allow a tad more patience for mature leaves at 60 days.

🥗 Eager for a gourmet touch to everyday dishes? Don’t let their size deceive you.

RAW is the newest addition to the Kirchhoffs family. RAW products are carefully selected for their quality, and they always ensure the seeds are perfectly fresh.
All varietals are tried and tested by the RAW gardeners. The seeds are weighed and packaged at just the right time.

They have sourced traditional heirlooms, as well as unique varieties, that look good and taste even better.
RAW seeds are tried and tested for South African conditions

Growing something is rewarding. Eating it is even better...