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LightHouse Twist Tie (50m Roll)

R 42.00

LightHouse Twist Tie: Your Garden's New Best Friend 🌱

Tired of flimsy ties that snap or unravel? Need a reliable way to support your growing plants and tame unruly vines? LightHouse Twist Tie is the answer.


  • Strong and versatile: This isn't your average twist tie. It's made of durable, plastic-coated garden wire that can handle even your heaviest tomatoes.
  • 50 meters of support: With a generous 50-meter roll, you'll have plenty of twist ties to keep your garden organised all season long.
  • Built-in cutting tool: No more searching for scissors! The dispenser has a handy cutter for quick and easy snips.
  • Ideal for countless uses: Use it in the garden, greenhouse, or even around the house. It's perfect for supporting plants, organising cables, and so much more.
  • Green coating: Blends seamlessly with your plants for a neat and tidy look.

Feel the difference:

  • Confidence: You can finally relax knowing your plants are secure and well-supported.
  • Satisfaction: Enjoy the neat and organised look of your garden.
  • Ease: Tying and training plants has never been easier.

Don't settle for flimsy ties. Choose LightHouse Twist Tie and experience the difference for yourself. Order yours today and watch your garden thrive! 🌿