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LightHouse Garden Soft Tie

R 45.00

LightHouse Garden Soft Tie: Nurture Your Plants, Not Restrict Them 🌱

Tired of harsh ties that damage delicate stems? LightHouse Garden Soft Tie is the gardener's gentle touch, supporting growth without harm.


  • 8 Metres of Tender Care: This generous roll offers ample ties to support your growing garden, no matter how bountiful your harvest.
  • 3.5mm of Pure Gentleness: The optimal width for delicate plant stems, this soft tie cradles, rather than constricts.
  • Plant-Friendly Support: Say goodbye to cut stems and damaged foliage. Your plants will thank you for this gentle embrace.
  • Versatility in the Garden: Ideal for securing all sorts of climbing plants to supports, ensuring they thrive without stress.
  • Peace of Mind: Rest assured that your plants are safe and secure, growing happily and healthily.

Experience the Difference:

  • Confidence: You'll feel at ease knowing your plants are protected from harm.
  • Joy: Witness your plants thrive as they reach for the sun, unhindered by restrictive ties.
  • Satisfaction: Your garden will exude harmony as your plants grow freely, supported by this gentle touch.

Give your plants the tender care they deserve. Choose LightHouse Garden Soft Tie and nurture their potential. Order yours today and watch your garden blossom! 💚

Dimensions: 8m x 3.5mm