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Jiffy Preforma Plug 30mm x 50mm

R 3.25

Elevate Your Propagation Game with Jiffy Preforma® Box Plugs 🌱

Discover the ultimate in plant propagation with Jiffy Preforma® Box Plugs. Engineered for global export, these innovative plugs combine top-tier quality with cost-efficiency, creating a seamless experience for both professional growers and enthusiastic gardeners. Whether you're cultivating delicate orchids or robust woody ornamentals, Jiffy Preforma® Box Plugs are your ideal solution for superior plant growth.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexible Media Options 🌿

    • Choose from a wide range of substrates, including peat and coconut fibre, or a blend of both.
    • Tailor your growing medium to suit your specific plant needs.
  • Enhanced Rooting 🌱

    • Uniform substrate with hundreds of micro air pockets promotes superior fibrous root growth.
    • Stimulates fast, multiple root development for healthier plants.
  • Optimised Water Retention 💧

    • Superior substrate structure holds water effectively, reducing losses, especially in overwintered crops.
    • Ensures consistent moisture levels for optimal plant health.
  • Economic and Efficient 💼

    • Designed for cost-effective global shipping, making high-quality propagation accessible worldwide.
    • Provides job opportunities by allowing on-location tray placement.
  • Clean and Effective Propagation 🌸

    • Cuttings produce notably cleaner callous compared to other substrates.
    • Increased number of active root nodes at the callous stimulates faster root growth.

How to Use Jiffy Preforma® Box Plugs

  1. Select Your Media: Choose the substrate mix that best suits your crop.
  2. Place in Trays: Workers can easily place the plugs in trays on-site, creating jobs and ensuring local economic benefits.
  3. Insert Cuttings or Seeds: Use the pre-formed sticking holes or slits designed for various plant types.
  4. Water and Care: Maintain consistent watering to ensure optimal growth, leveraging the excellent water retention properties of the substrate.
  5. Transplant: Once the roots are well-developed, transplant the entire plug to its final growing environment for continued growth.

Perfect for a Range of Plants

  • 20/40 Plugs: Ideal for a wide range of bedding plants from cuttings or seeds.
  • 30/50 Plugs: Suitable for tissue culture and cuttings with small roots.
  • 30/50 Plugs with Sticking Holes: Designed for larger cuttings of woody ornamentals and rootstock.

Take Your Growing to the Next Level!

Join the ranks of professional growers who trust Jiffy Preforma® Box Plugs for their propagation needs. Experience the benefits of enhanced root growth, optimal water retention, and economic efficiency.

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