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Guide to Birds of the Kruger National Park

R 320.00

Guide to Birds of the Kruger National Park - A Must-have for Every Bird Enthusiast! 🦜🌳

Welcome to your fascinating journey through one of the world's most renowned conservation areas, the Kruger National Park! This comprehensive guidebook, meticulously compiled by Warwick Tarboton and Peter Ryan, is your ticket to explore, understand, and appreciate the incredible diversity of birds in this splendid region. Your exploration of birdlife just got infinitely more exciting! πŸ“˜πŸ”

Exciting Features

  • Over 500 Bird Species 🐦: Delve into the enchanting world of more than 500 bird species that grace the Kruger National Park. From the striking Lilac-breasted Roller to the elusive African Fish Eagle, you're in for a feast of diversity!
  • 400 Detailed Bird Profiles πŸ“Έ: Get up close and personal with 400 bird species that you're likely to encounter in the park. Each profile features full-colour photographs, distribution maps, and succinct information for easy identification and appreciation.
  • Informative Introduction 🌍: Understand the geology, vegetation types, climate, and rainfall patterns that govern bird distributions within the park. It's not just about spotting birds; it's about comprehending their natural habitats!

Guide to Birds of the Kruger National Park transforms every bird-watching expedition into an exhilarating, educational experience. Feel the thrill of recognising each bird species, understand their habits, and appreciate their beauty. It's like carrying a piece of the Kruger National Park with you, wherever you go!

Experience the joy of spotting a new bird species, the excitement of recognising their calls, and the satisfaction of understanding their behaviours. This guide will fill you with awe for nature's variety and admiration for the vibrant birdlife in the Kruger National Park.

Ready to step into the breathtaking world of birds? Grab your copy now and let your birdwatching adventure in the Kruger National Park begin! πŸ›’πŸŽ‰

ISBN 9781775844495
Format Paperback
Published October 2016
Authors Warwick Tarboton, Peter Ryan