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Gardening with Keith Kirsten

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🌱 Unleash Your Inner Green Thumb with 'Gardening with Keith Kirsten' 🌷

Cultivate your gardening skills and transform your green spaces with 'Gardening with Keith Kirsten', the fourth edition of this esteemed guide. It’s more than just a book, it’s your trusty companion, guiding you towards creating a garden that sings in harmony with the natural environment. 🏡🎶

Here's why 'Gardening with Keith Kirsten' is a gardeners' treasure trove:

  • Updated Content: This edition celebrates indigenous species, locally bred hybrids, and water-wise plants, addressing the need to garden in harmony with our environment. You’re not just growing a garden; you’re nurturing a tiny ecosystem! 🍃🦋
  • Detailed Directories: Dive into comprehensive directories describing over 2000 plants, from trees and shrubs to annuals and perennials. Each entry is accompanied by symbols for water and sun requirements, hardiness to frost, and whether the plant is deciduous, evergreen or flowering, making plant care a breeze! 🌳🌸
  • Practical Guidance: The introduction covers essential topics like garden planning and design, maintenance, and handling pests and diseases. You’ll have all the knowledge you need right at your fingertips. 👩‍🌾🛠️
  • Handy Lists: Benefit from useful lists of plants grouped according to their suitability for specific circumstances, such as drought-tolerance, suitability for containers or shade, or providing flowers for the vase. Your perfect plant is just a page away! 💧🌼

Imagine the sense of accomplishment as your fingers brush against your thriving plants, the sense of calm watching the sunrise light your garden, the burst of joy as the first buds appear. These are the moments 'Gardening with Keith Kirsten' can help you create!


Get your copy of 'Gardening with Keith Kirsten' today. Let's garden for a greener, more beautiful world, one plant at a time!