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GARDENA Window Cleaner With Wiper

R 775.00

Revolutionise Your Cleaning Experience with the GARDENA Window Cleaner With Wiper! 

Say hello to sparkling clean and streak-free windows with the versatile GARDENA Window Cleaner with Wiper! Featuring a high-quality microfibre fleece and a sturdy rubber lip wiper, this 2-in-1 cleaner redefines the art of cleaning.

💦 A 2-in-1 Cleaning Masterpiece Meet the epitome of convenience. Our cleaner integrates a wiper and cleaner into a single product. This not only saves your precious time but also contributes to an efficient, economical cleaning routine.

🌐 Flexible and Multifaceted With its 360° swivel joint, the Window Cleaner effortlessly adapts to your movements. It’s also perfect for use as a hand tool or connected to a GARDENA Cleansystem Running Water Handle, offering you versatility in cleaning.

👌 Intense Cleaning Action Equipped with a detachable, top-notch microfibre fleece, this cleaner guarantees pristine, dust-free windows. Enjoy the pure satisfaction of a job well done!

🌈 Streak-free Wiping The durable rubber lip wiper ensures clean, streak-free windows. Experience the joy of flawless, crystal-clear glass surfaces!

Sparkle Up Your Windows! 🪟✨ Give your windows the clean they deserve with the GARDENA Window Cleaner with Wiper. It's time to elevate your cleaning experience and embrace the convenience of effective, hassle-free cleaning!