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GARDENA Washer Set, 26,5 mm (G 3/4")

R 26.00

GARDENA Washer Set: Seals Perfectly for Zero Water Waste

Ensure a watertight seal with the GARDENA Washer Set. Designed for Threaded Tap Connectors, this set includes a Washer and three O-rings. Experience 100% sealing efficiency, preventing any water wastage. Keep your connections leak-free and conserve water effortlessly.


  • Complete set: Includes Washer and three O-rings
  • Reliable sealing: Ensures 100% watertight connections
  • Water conservation: Prevents any water wastage
  • Easy installation: Compatible with GARDENA Threaded Tap Connectors
  • Quality materials: Durable and long-lasting

Get the GARDENA Washer Set today and seal your connections with confidence!