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GARDENA Twin-Tap Connector

R 244.00

Unleash the Power of Two with the GARDENA Twin-Tap Connector! 🚰💧

Experience the efficiency of dual operation with the GARDENA Twin-Tap Connector! Seamlessly connect two watering accessories simultaneously, eliminating the need for constant hose changes. It's the practical solution your garden has been waiting for!

💦 Double the Output, Half the Hassle Equipped with two outlets, the GARDENA Twin-Tap Connector allows two hoses to be securely connected to a single tap. No more time wasted on bothersome exchanges!

🎛️ Your Control, Your Way Each connection and outlet is fully adjustable and operates independently. Tailor the water flow exactly to your needs, for each of your connected accessories.

🔄 Seamless Interconnectivity Being part of the Original GARDENA System, our Twin-Tap Connector effortlessly interlinks with any of your watering accessories, offering a watertight connection from start to finish.

Upgrade your watering system with the GARDENA Twin-Tap Connector. Enjoy effortless multitasking in your garden and let your plants thrive! 🛒


Product Specifications
* Use: Connection to tap For operating two watering accessories at the same time