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GARDENA StarCut 410 Plus Telescopic Pruner

R 2,769.00

GARDENA StarCut 410 Plus Telescopic Pruner: Reach New Heights in Tree Maintenance! 

🌲 Discover the ultimate solution for maintaining high trees and shrubs with the GARDENA StarCut 410 Plus Telescopic Pruner. Its adjustable telescopic handle and powerful cutting capabilities make it the go-to tool for keeping your trees in tip-top shape. 🌳✂️

Outstanding Features & Benefits:

  • Incredible Reach: The telescopic aluminium handle adjusts from 230 to 410 cm, offering up to 6.5m of reach including the user's height, so you can easily access those high branches.
  • Clean, Precise Cuts: The precision-ground, non-stick-coated blades reduce resistance when cutting, ensuring clean and accurate results every time.
  • Powerful Steel Gear Transmission: The robust, internal steel gear transmission provides a 12x gear ratio for impressive cutting force, handling branches up to 32mm in diameter.
  • Easy & Accurate Handling: Adjust the cutting angle up to 200° from the ground for precise cutting of branches in any growing direction.
  • Innovative Hook for Branch Removal: The adjustable hook effortlessly removes cut-off branches from tree crowns, simplifying your pruning process.

Experience the freedom of tending to your tall trees and shrubs with ease, thanks to the GARDENA StarCut 410 Plus Telescopic Pruner. Its versatile and powerful features make it the ideal choice for maintaining your garden's beauty and health. Transform your tree maintenance with the StarCut 410 Plus now! 🌲🛍️

Product Videos

GARDENA StarCut 410 Plus Telescopic Pruner Product Video 


* Maximum cutting diameter: 32 mm
* Blade: Hardened, Non-stick coated
* Cutting type: Bypass
* Length: 230cm - 410cm
* Maximum Height: 6,5m (incl. user)