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GARDENA Soft Sprayer

R 167.00

Embrace the Joy of Seedlings with the GARDENA Soft Sprayer! 🌱💦

Cultivate with Confidence with the GARDENA Soft Sprayer, your perfect companion for nurturing delicate seedlings. This exceptional tool is designed with an intimate understanding of your gardening needs, making your watering routine an absolute breeze.

🎯 Precision Irrigation
The Soft Sprayer is equipped to deliver a targeted and gentle shower or fine irrigation. No more worries about soil being washed away or delicate seedlings getting disrupted. You have the control!

🔁 2-in-1 Functionality
Enjoy the convenience of two watering options in one tool! With a drip nozzle and a shower sprinkler head, the Soft Sprayer offers you the flexibility to meet the unique needs of different seedlings.

👀 Keep an Eye on the Water Level
Thanks to the translucent material of the Soft Sprayer, you can always see how much water is left in the 450 ml container. No guesswork, only certainty!

💡 Smart Storage
No more searching for misplaced nozzles. The Soft Sprayer features an integrated storage space for the unused nozzle, ensuring both nozzles are always within easy reach.

👌 Easy Handling
Designed for a comfortable grip, the Soft Sprayer fits perfectly in your hand. All it takes to start watering is a simple squeeze of the bottle.

Ready to see your seedlings sprout to success? Make the GARDENA Soft Sprayer your gardening partner today. Click 'Add to Cart' now! 🛒

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Product Specifications
* Ultra fine spray mist: No