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GARDENA Shampoo Wax Sticks, 10 pieces

R 82.00

Shine Bright with GARDENA Shampoo Wax Sticks - A Clean You Can See and Feel! ✨🧽

Elevate your cleaning experience to dazzling new heights with the GARDENA Shampoo Wax Sticks. Perfectly designed for the GARDENA Hand-Held Scrubbing Brush and Hand-Held Wash Brush, these nifty sticks are here to bring a sparkling clean to your paint and plastic surfaces.

🧼 Revolutionise Your Cleaning Say goodbye to traditional cleaning methods! Easily add our Shampoo Wax Sticks to your GARDENA brush, eliminating the need for any additional cleaning water. Experience cleaning made effortless.

🎁 Practical Storage Our Shampoo Wax Sticks come in a practical plastic case, ensuring they are always ready to use and stored cleanly. No mess, no fuss.

🌟 Brilliant Clean for Paint & Plastic Surfaces Specifically suited for paint and plastic surfaces, our Shampoo Wax Sticks work wonders. Let your surfaces shine with a high-level clean that truly stands out.

⚠️ Safety First While our sticks are mighty, they are not to be trifled with. Keep out of reach of children, avoid direct contact with skin, eyes, or clothing, and seek medical advice if necessary.

GARDENA Shampoo Wax Sticks provide a touch of luxury to your cleaning regime. Transform your mundane task into a simple pleasure. Your surfaces will thank you, and you'll feel a sense of satisfaction like no other.

Unleash the power of a superior clean. Order your GARDENA Shampoo Wax Sticks today! 🛒


Product Specifications
* Included Components: 10 x shampoo wax sticks
* Warranty: 5 years