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GARDENA Running Water Handle 150 cm

R 847.00

The handle for the Cleansystem
The GARDENA Running Water Handle 150 is suited for individual and requirement-appropriate extension of all Original GARDENA Cleansystem accessories. As the handle has easy-to-grip plastic coating, handling is pleasant, there are no scratch marks, the handle is anti-slip and the surface never feels cold

* Infinitely adjust water or lock off
Cleaning around the house made easier. The water flows through the handle and can be infinitely adjusted or locked.

* The right amount of care products
Thanks to the dispenser, the appropriate GARDENA Care Products can be dosaged as required.

* Plastic coating is easy on the hands
The plastic coating is easy on the hands and protects them from the cold. It also protects against scratch marks.

* Easy and safe connection technology
Simply connect the Running Water Handle with screw connection to the Original GARDENA Cleansystem accessories and clean safely and effectively.

* Practical, convenient, effective
The Running Water Handle 150 cm has an OGS connection and can therefore be easily connected to GARDENA System Fittings and the water hose. Water is carried through the handle directly to e.g. the brush or Window Cleaner. No troublesome putting down and taking up water from a bucket.

* Length: 1.5 m
* Use: For individual and requirement-appropriate extension
* Warranty: 5 years