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GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower SILENO Minimo 500

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Take Your Garden to the Next Level with the GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower SILENO Minimo 500 🌳🌟

Introducing the GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower SILENO Minimo 500, a powerful garden assistant that's perfect for smaller lawns. Experience precision and performance, wrapped in a compact, intelligent device.

With the GARDENA Bluetooth® App, you'll have seamless control of your SILENO Minimo right from your smartphone. Enter your lawn size, preferred mowing days, and desired start time — and watch as the app guides you through a breezy setup process. Your Robotic Lawnmower will take care of the rest, crafting a tailored schedule that suits your garden's unique needs. 📱👌

Experience the SILENO Minimo Difference:

  • Quiet and Precise: With best-in-class low noise levels at 57db(A), enjoy peaceful garden moments, even when your robo-helper is hard at work.
  • CorridorCut Feature: Handles narrow spaces and tight corners with a remarkable agility, navigating tricky dead ends with ease. 🔄
  • SensorControl: Smartly judges when your lawn needs a trim, launching at just the right frequency for optimum grass health. 🌱💪
  • Auto Weather & Terrain: Rain or shine, this hard worker mows independently, negotiating slopes or inclines of up to 25 percent with ease. ☀️☔️
  • Safety First: Recognises frosty conditions, pausing operations to protect your lawn. 🔒❄️

Now you can have a manicured lawn without lifting a finger! Clean the SILENO Minimo easily with a garden hose, and leave the rest to your new robotic friend. With SILENO Minimo, you can relax, enjoy your garden, and watch as your intelligent lawnmower works its magic. 🎩🐇

Get the GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower SILENO Minimo 500 today and elevate your gardening game. Your lawn will thank you! 🛍️🎉



Power and charging
* Battery type: Li-Ion
* Typical charging time: 60 min
* Typical mow time on one charge: 70 min
* Mean energy consumption at maximum use: 3.5 kWh

Motor and cutting system
* Cutting system: 3 pivoted cutting blades
* Cutting Height, min-max: 20-45 mm
* Cutting width: 6.3 in
* Dual cutting direction: Yes

Sound and noise data
* Sound level perceived: 57 dB(A)

Safety and security features
* Alarm: No
* PIN code: Yes
* Lift sensor: Yes
* Tilt sensor: Yes

Installation accessories
* Loop wire: 150 m
* Low voltage cable: 3 m
* Stakes: 150 pcs

Overall dimensions
* Product Size, LxWxH: 52x34x22 cm
* Weight: 13.4 lbs

Technical Specifications
* Article No.: 15202-40
* EAN-Code: 4078500055864