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GARDENA Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler

R 745.00

🌼 GARDENA Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler - Effortless Irrigation for Large Areas

Achieve the perfect irrigation for your large garden effortlessly with the GARDENA Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler. This robust sprinkler is designed to cover expansive areas with ease. Crafted from a durable metal and plastic combination, the Sprinkler Head guarantees stability and longevity. The high-precision brass nozzle ensures precise water distribution, while the sled base with three metal inserts adds robustness. Equipped with the GARDENA System Connector and end cap, this sprinkler is ready for immediate use.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Easy sector selection: Conveniently set the irrigation sectors with fine range selection. Instantly view the selected sector between 25°-360° at a glance.
  • Long service life: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler ensures durability and longevity, providing you with reliable performance for years to come.
  • Infinite range adjustment: Adjust the spray range effortlessly with the large adjustment knob, allowing you to customize the watering coverage to suit your specific needs.
  • Expandable functionality: Connect multiple sprinklers in a row using the Threaded Tap Connector 18201, ensuring comprehensive coverage for even larger areas.
  • Robust and stable: The sprinkler's robust construction, combined with the sturdy plastic sled base, guarantees stability during operation. It can effectively irrigate areas up to 490 m².
  • Complete coverage: With a minimum area coverage of 75 m² and a maximum area coverage of 490 m², this sprinkler provides extensive coverage for your garden.
  • Irrigation sector versatility: The sprinkler's adjustable irrigation sector ranges from 25° to 360°, giving you full control over the watering direction.

🌿 Embrace effortless and efficient irrigation for your large garden with the GARDENA Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler. Enjoy the convenience of its versatile sector selection, long service life, and infinite range adjustment. With its robust construction and comprehensive coverage, this sprinkler ensures your garden receives the perfect amount of water, promoting healthy growth and lush landscapes.


⚙️ Technical Specifications:

  • Area coverage min: 75 m²
  • Area coverage max: 490 m²
  • Range of Spray: 5 m - 12.5 m
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Irrigation sector: 25° - 360°