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GARDENA Oscillating Sprinkler AquaZoom M

R 749.00

Experience Luxuriant Lawns with the GARDENA Oscillating Sprinkler AquaZoom (Medium)

Keep your medium-sized lawns lush and healthy with the GARDENA Oscillating Sprinkler AquaZoom M. Expertly designed for areas of 9 to 250 m², this sprinkler delivers uniform, precise watering without any puddle formation, making your garden a true oasis.

Remarkable Benefits:

  • Precision at its finest: The AquaZoom M ensures even, accurate watering for thriving lawns without puddles, so you can enjoy a pristine, green garden.
  • Customised for your garden: Set the range (3-18 metres), spray width (3-14 metres), and water flow rate to cater to your lawn's specific needs. Water one side or both, directing resources exactly where they're needed.
  • Stability you can count on: Extra-wide supporting feet and metal components offer a stable, firm stand on grass, ensuring exceptional performance.
  • Built for longevity: Made with high-quality materials, the AquaZoom M is frost and UV resistant, and proudly carries a 5-year manufacturer's warranty, Made in Germany.
  • Effortless cleaning: An integrated rust-free metal filter catches dirt particles, while soft plastic spray nozzles allow for easy cleaning by simply wiping away lime deposits with your finger.

Transform your garden into a verdant paradise with the GARDENA Oscillating Sprinkler AquaZoom M

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* Warranty: 5 years
* Watering area: 9 to 250mm²