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Unleash the Power of Precision with GARDENA MultiCut Scissors!

Introducing the GARDENA MultiCut - the ultimate multifunctional scissors for your household, garden, and hobby needs. This German-quality product is the solution to all your precision cutting tasks. Uniquely sustainable, it's made with more than 70% recycled plastic, ensuring your crafts have a minimal ecological footprint.

🔪 A Cut Above the Rest

Made with sharp, stainless-steel blades, these scissors ensure every cut is precise and clean. Be it cardboard for your arts, rope for gardening, or opening packaging materials, experience the joy of effortless cutting.

🌿 Sustainability Meets Functionality

With handles made of over 70% recycled plastic, you're not just opting for a versatile tool, but also making a sustainable choice.

🙌 Comfort in Your Hands

Left-handed or right-handed, it doesn't matter! The ergonomic ErgoTec handles, complete with soft grips, ensure comfortable, non-slip handling for everyone.

🍏 Food-Safe Blades

Rest easy as these scissors won't affect the smell or taste of your food. They're completely safe for food contact.

🧽 Dishwasher-Safe

Cleaning's a breeze with these dishwasher-safe scissors. They're made from high-quality materials that can withstand your dishwasher's toughest cycle.

💯 Quality You Can Trust

Backed by a 25-year warranty after registration at gardena.com/registration within 3 months after purchase, these scissors represent GARDENA's commitment to reliable performance and durability.

GARDENA MultiCut - the perfect companion for precision cutting tasks. Buy now and give your crafts the respect they deserve!


Technical Specifications
* Article No: 12215-20
* EAN-Code: 4066407003149

* Cutting type: Bypass
* Blade: Precision-ground