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GARDENA Leaf and Lawn Collector

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GARDENA Leaf and Lawn Collector: Effortless and Enjoyable Leaf Collection

Make your autumn leaf collection effortless and enjoyable with the GARDENA Leaf and Lawn Collector. Designed to simplify the tedious task of removing fallen leaves, this unique solution ensures quick, quiet, and comfortable operation without the need for bending down. Experience the satisfaction of effortlessly collecting all leaves, grass clippings, and scarifying material with the sophisticated brush system. Save energy, make an eco-conscious choice, and have fun working in your garden!

Key Features and Benefits:

✅ Easy Handling: The ergonomically shaped handle makes pushing the Leaf and Lawn Collector a breeze, providing comfort during operation.

✅ Silent and Sustainable: Powered by hand without the need for an engine, the collector operates quietly and saves energy, contributing to a sustainable lifestyle.

✅ Efficient Collection: The rotating brushes swiftly and reliably collect all foliage and grass clippings, ensuring a tidy lawn in no time.

✅ Height Adjustment: Adapt the collector to different ground types with the easy height adjustment feature, guaranteeing optimal collection results.

✅ Compact Storage: Detach the collecting basket for easy emptying and re-attachment, and conveniently store the collector in a space-saving manner.

✅ High Quality: Backed by GARDENA's 5-year warranty, the Leaf and Lawn Collector is built to last, providing long-lasting performance.

Get your GARDENA Leaf and Lawn Collector today and transform the chore of leaf collection into an enjoyable and efficient task!

* Instructions for use: The GARDENA leaf and grass collector works like a mechanical rake and is therefore environmentally friendly. The rotating brushes are driven by the wheels. Solid objects such as acorns, chestnuts, fruit etc. are not collected. The leaf and grass collector is only partially suitable for foliage with stems and large leaves (e.g. chestnut) as these may get caught in the brushes. When collecting leaves on paved paths or tarmac, it may be necessary to go over the area multiple times.

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Technical Specifications
* Article No.3565-20
* EAN-Code:4078500048675

The 5-year warranty ensures high quality
* For detailed warranty conditions, please refer to the enclosed operating manual or online at www.gardena.com/warranty. This warranty does not affect your legal warranty claims.