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GARDENA Hose Trolley CleverRoll M Easy

R 2,081.00

We recommend using the GARDENA Hose Reel Connection Set, to connect GARDENA Hose Trolleys or Hose Reels with the water source -  GARDENA Hose Reel Connection Set Comfort Flex

GARDENA Hose Trolley CleverRoll M Easy: The Perfect Solution for Hassle-Free Hose Storage and Watering! 🌿🚿

Effortlessly store and conveniently water your garden with the GARDENA Hose Trolley CleverRoll M Easy. This innovative hose trolley is designed to provide you with a seamless watering experience while ensuring space-saving storage. With its ergonomic crank, sturdy hose guide, and exceptional durability, this hose trolley is your go-to solution for efficient and hassle-free gardening.

🌟 Kick&Stand for Superior Stability: The fold-out foot of the GARDENA CleverRoll M Easy provides exceptional standing security. Say goodbye to unstable hose trolleys that topple over! With the Kick&Stand feature, you can effortlessly water your plants without worrying about the trolley moving or tipping over.

🔄 Convenient Hose Guide: The sturdy metal frame of the hose trolley includes a hose guide that ensures your garden hose is rolled up evenly, without the need for manual guidance. Simply turn the crank on the hose reel, and watch as your hose is effortlessly and neatly rolled up, saving you time and effort.

💧 No More Dripping Water: Thanks to the anti-drip device, you no longer have to deal with annoying water leakage after using or transporting the hose trolley. Enjoy a clean and dry storage space without the hassle of water dripping everywhere.

💦 Maximum Water Flow: The angled hose connection inside the reel prevents the hose from bending, ensuring a consistent and maximum water flow. Experience efficient watering with optimal water pressure, allowing you to nourish your plants and keep your garden lush and thriving.

🌬️ Built to Endure: With innovative frost-resistance, the GARDENA Hose Trolley CleverRoll M Easy is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, providing extended durability. Rest easy knowing that your hose trolley will remain in top-notch condition, season after season.

Upgrade your watering routine with the GARDENA Hose Trolley CleverRoll M Easy. Enjoy hassle-free storage, convenient watering, and exceptional durability. Make gardening a breeze and keep your garden looking its best all year round!


  • Frost protection: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Max. capacity: 60m x 13mm (1/2"), 50m x 15mm (5/8"), 35m x 19mm (3/4")