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Elevate Your Harvesting Experience with GARDENA's GripCut ✂️🌿

Introducing the GARDENA GripCut, your perfect partner for a more efficient and precise harvesting experience. This cutting-edge tool is not just a pair of scissors; it's your new gardening companion, designed to make your garden work more enjoyable and less tedious.

🎯 Exceptional Precision Equipped with precision-ground stainless steel blades, the GripCut offers clean and precise cuts right up to the tip. The durability of the blades ensures an impressively long-lasting cutting performance.

🤲 Innovative Gripping Function The cleverly integrated gripper lets you cut and hold with just one hand. Be it parsley, chives or chillies, harvest them all with ease. It also leaves your other hand free to hold a bowl or strainer, making your gardening chores a breeze.

👌 Comfortable Handling The GripCut features ergonomic ErgoTec handles with soft components for a comfortable, non-slip grip. An easy one-hand locking mechanism provides safety and ease of storage.

🍴 Food-Safe Design The blades of our GripCut are completely safe for food contact, ensuring that your harvest maintains its natural taste and smell.

🧽 Easy to Clean The GripCut is dishwasher safe, thanks to its high-quality materials. The Gripper can be easily detached for more efficient cleaning.

🔒 Extended Warranty Register your product at gardena.com/registration within 3 months of purchase and enjoy an extended 25-year warranty. We stand by our high-quality products.

Upgrade your gardening game with the GARDENA GripCut. Experience precision, ease, and efficiency in one tool. Order yours today! 🛒


Technical Specifications
​* ​Article No​: 12213-20
​* ​EAN-Code:​ ​4066407003224

​* ​Cutting type​: ​Bypass
​* ​Blade​: ​Precision-ground