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GARDENA Filament for TurboTrimmer

R 189.00

GARDENA Filament for TurboTrimmer: Effortless Trimming and Maximum Cutting Comfort!

Upgrade your lawn maintenance routine with the GARDENA Filament for TurboTrimmer. Designed as a replacement filament cassette, this essential accessory enhances your trimming experience, providing maximum cutting comfort and ensuring impeccable results. Say goodbye to tangled lines and hello to effortless precision.

Features and Benefits:

✂️ Effortless Trimming: The GARDENA Filament for TurboTrimmer offers a seamless cutting experience, allowing you to achieve precise and clean edges without any hassle. Enjoy effortless trimming that saves you time and effort.

🔧 Maximum Cutting Comfort: With the filament cassette, you'll experience the utmost cutting comfort. Its easy exchange feature allows you to quickly replace the cassette, ensuring uninterrupted trimming sessions and optimal performance.

🌿 Impeccable Results: Achieve professional-looking results with the GARDENA Filament for TurboTrimmer. The high-quality filament ensures precise and clean cuts, giving your lawn a well-groomed appearance that will make you proud.

💪 Compatibility: This replacement filament cassette is specifically designed for use with the GARDENA Electric TurboTrimmer ComfortCut 550/28 and the GARDENA Electric TurboTrimmer PowerCut 650/28. It seamlessly integrates with these powerful trimmers for exceptional performance.

Upgrade your trimming game with the GARDENA Filament for TurboTrimmer and experience the joy of effortless and precise lawn maintenance. Get yours today and take your garden to the next level!


For use with:
GARDENA Electric TurboTrimmer ComfortCut 550/28
GARDENA Electric TurboTrimmer PowerCut 650/28

Technical Specifications
Article No.: 5307-20
EAN-Code: 4078500530705