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GARDENA EnergyCut Pruning Lopper 750 B

R 1,349.00

💪 Experience the Power of Precision with GARDENA EnergyCut Pruning Lopper 750 B 

Unleash your gardening potential with the GARDENA EnergyCut Pruning Lopper 750 B, designed for those who seek more from their gardening tools. Engineered for exceptional cutting of fresh wood, it's the high-performance tool you've been waiting for.


  • Unmatched Cutting Force - The integrated gear transmission ensures a whopping force, slicing through even the thickest branches like butter. Experience up to 3 times more cutting power compared to traditional techniques.

  • Precision and Ease - Precision-ground blades with a Non-Stick extra coating provide an impeccable cutting geometry, making each cut an effortless yet precise action.

  • ErgoTec for Comfort and Safety - Aluminium lever arms and ergonomically-shaped handles with a soft component ensure a comfortable, non-slip grip. Enjoy peace of mind with safe, easy handling.

  • Gentle on the Wrists - We've got your wrists covered! Our special plastic stop buffers help protect your joints, making garden maintenance a pleasure, not a strain.

  • Bypass Cutting for Clean Cuts - The bypass cutting mechanism with two ground blades gives an accurate and clean cut, perfect for fresh wood. Replaceable upper blade and readjustable cutters ensure your tool is always ready to perform.

  • Generous Cutting Diameter - Boasting a maximum cutting diameter of 42mm, no branch is too big for the EnergyCut Pruning Lopper.

  • 25-Year Warranty - To top it off, we back our superior product with an extensive 25-year warranty.

The GARDENA EnergyCut Pruning Lopper 750 B isn't just about strength; it's about delivering power with precision, comfort, and ease. It's about transforming your outdoor space with the energy and efficiency it deserves. This is the ultimate addition to your gardening arsenal. 🌲🌳

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Product Videos

GARDENA Cutting Tools Behind the Scenes Video 


Product Specs
* Maximum cutting diameter: 42 mm
* Cutting type: Bypass