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GARDENA Electric Hedge Trimmer ComfortCut 700/65

R 2,897.00

GARDENA Electric Hedge Trimmer ComfortCut 700/65: Effortless Precision for Cutting Large Hedges

Transform the task of trimming large hedges into a breeze with the powerful GARDENA Electric Hedge Trimmer ComfortCut 700/65. Designed for convenience and efficiency, this hedge trimmer delivers exceptional performance, ensuring optimal results with every cut. Experience the joy of effortlessly maintaining your hedges, even those with thick branches.

Features and Benefits:

✅ Comfortable Handling: The surrounding ErgoLine handle with an integrated trigger button ensures fatigue-free and safe operation, providing a comfortable grip for prolonged use.

✅ Optimal Cutting Results: The laser-cut precision blades guarantee fast, efficient, and effortless cutting, with no blockages or interruptions. The ProZone, equipped with a professionally ground and specially toothed blade, effortlessly handles thick branches.

✅ Maximum Safety: The impact protection at the end of the blade safeguards the blade during close-to-ground or wall-edge cutting. The cable relief prevents accidental disconnection during operation, ensuring uninterrupted trimming.

✅ Powerful Performance: With a robust 700W motor, this hedge trimmer delivers the necessary power to tackle even the most demanding trimming tasks.

✅ Precise and Balanced: The balanced weight distribution ensures optimal manoeuvrability, allowing you to achieve precise cuts even during longer trimming sessions.

✅ Enhanced Comfort: The ergonomic design of the trimmer minimises fatigue, making your hedge trimming experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Experience the convenience, power, and precision of the GARDENA Electric Hedge Trimmer ComfortCut 700/65 and effortlessly transform your hedge maintenance tasks.


  • Motor specification: Power rating: 700W
  • Equipment: Knife Length: 65 cm, Teeth opening: 27 mm
  • Overall dimensions: Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Vibration & noise data: Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA): 99 dB(A), Sound pressure level at operator's ear: 87 dB(A), Vibration (ah) Vibration max ah: 3.1 m/s²