GARDENA Comfort Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler

R 479.00

The sector sprinkler made of robust plastic
The Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler has a sturdy, plastic design. The sprinkler is mounted on a plastic spike. With this, the GARDENA Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler can be easily secured in the lawn. And it can just as easily be removed and placed in another spot. The sprinkler is equipped with the GARDENA System Connector and an end cap.

* Sturdy and high-performance plastic sprinkler on a spike
The sprinkler for irrigating larger areas up to max. 490 m².

* Set the irrigation sector – easily and with fine range selection
Thanks to the fine range selection, the sectors to be irrigated can be conveniently set. Which sector is set between 25°-360° can be clearly viewed in a glance.

* Convenient, infinite range adjustment
With the large adjustment knob, the spray range can be infinitely adjusted.

* Easily extendable
Several sprinklers can be connected in a row by using the Threaded Tap Connector 18201

* Area coverage min: 75 m²
* Area coverage max: 490 m²
* Range of Spray (m): 5 m - 12,5 m
* Warranty: 5 years
* Irrigation sector: 25° - 360°