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GARDENA Comfort Full Circle Sprinkler Tango

R 419.00

The Circular Sprinkler with precision nozzles for smaller to larger areas
The GARDENA Comfort Part and Full Circle Sprinkler Tango is an especially quiet and easy-to-handle circular sprinkler for smaller to larger areas. Range and flow rate can be directly set on the sprinkler. The sprinkler for flexible irrigation applications.

* Quiet and easy to handle
The GARDENA Comfort Part and Full Circle Sprinkler irrigates areas up to 310 m² with easy handling and pleasant quiet.

* High flexibility
The sector to be watered can be fully adjusted between 5° and 360°.

* Individually adjustable
Range and flow rate can be individually set on the sprinkler – if you like, you can irrigate in an especially water-saving manner.

* Stable-standing and mobile
The sturdy base guarantee a stable stand – even on a slope or on uneven ground, and allow mobile use of the sprinkler.

* Easy to maintain
Thanks to the integrated dirt filter, the sprinkler is especially easy to clean.

* Area coverage min: 9 m²
* Area coverage max: 310 m²
* Range of Spray (m): 3 m - 20 m
* Warranty: 5 years
* Irrigation sector: 5° - 360°