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GARDENA combisystem Garden Hoe

R 308.00

Please note: this product does not include a combisystem handle.
Handles can be purchased separately - 
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🌿Transform Your Garden With the GARDENA combisystem Garden Hoe🌿

Discover a gardening experience like no other with our versatile GARDENA combisystem Garden Hoe! Perfect for the avid gardener and the green thumb beginner alike, this tool has the power to revolutionise your gardening routine.


  • Plant-Sparing Design - Work in close-set rows without harming your beloved plants. With a precise 9 cm working width, it's the ideal tool for nurturing small flower beds and vegetable patches.

  • Multi-Functional Versatility - Whether it's hoeing, weeding, aerating, ridging, or levelling, this garden hoe has got you covered! Its dual-sided blade featuring straight teeth and a triple-toothed side promises flexibility in every swing.

  • Breaks Soil with Ease - The large, toothed blade ensures easy penetration into the ground, making your gardening tasks feel like a breeze.

  • Corrosion-Proof - Duroplast-coated steel construction ensures it's built to last, providing ultimate resistance against corrosion.

  • Secure and Wobble-Free - The combisystem guarantees a tight connection with the handle. No wobbles, no slips, just seamless gardening!

  • Customisable Handle - GARDENA combisystem tools fit all GARDENA handles. Pick from wood or aluminium, or a back-sparing design – your comfort is in your hands.

  • 25 Year Warranty - That's right! We trust in the durability and performance of our tool, so it comes with an extensive 25-year warranty.

The GARDENA combisystem Garden Hoe is more than just a tool – it's a faithful gardening companion that respects your plants as much as you do. We've combined design, functionality, and durability into one compact tool. Now, it's your turn to combine it with your love for gardening. 🌱🌷

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GARDENA Combisystem Hand Hoe

GARDENA CombiSystem Video


Product Specs
* Use:
Hoeing, weeding, aerating, ridging and levelling in close-set rows without damaging the plants
* Warranty:
25 years
* Working width:
9 cm