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GARDENA combisystem Branch Pruner

R 1,569.00

🌳 Reach New Heights with the GARDENA combisystem Branch Pruner! 🌳

Please note, this product does not include a combisystem handle. Handles can be purchased separately.Β CLICK HERE to view range

Introducing the GARDENA combisystem Anvil Branch Pruner, your perfect partner for maintaining tall trees and hard, woody branches! Its 5-fold transmission and integration with GARDENA combisystem Telescopic Handle mean you can prune with precision, all from the safety of the ground.

πŸ” No Ladder, No Worries! πŸ” With the combisystem Anvil Branch Pruner, who needs a ladder? Easily trim branches in high trees from the comfort of the ground, all while enjoying secure and effortless cutting.

πŸ’ͺ Powerful and Effortless πŸ’ͺ Thanks to the double lever transmission and the 5-fold transmission, you can cut branches up to 35mm in diameter without breaking a sweat!

βœ‚οΈ Clean, Smooth Cuts βœ‚οΈ With hardened, non-stick coated blades, you'll experience a clean, smooth cut every time. The adjusted geometry ensures the branch stays put during cutting, resulting in a precise and plant-sparing trim.

🎈 Light on Effort, High on Convenience 🎈 Hang the pruner onto branches for effortless cutting. Plus, enjoy powerful and ergonomic operation thanks to the adjustable D-grip with rope storage. No more tangled ropes during work or storage!

Key Features

  • Maximum cutting diameter: 35 mm
  • Blade: Hardened, Non-stick coated
  • Cutting type: Anvil
  • 25-year warranty
  • Compatible with GARDENA combisystem Telescopic Handle

Please note, this product does not include a combisystem handle. Handles can be purchased separately. CLICK HERE to view range

The GARDENA combisystem Anvil Branch Pruner - it's not just a tool, it's your companion in achieving a well-kept, beautiful garden!

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